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Can you imagine you can grab 10 times more customers by hitting position 1 in organic rankings than at position 10? A little extra SEO effort can generate a long-lasting sales cycle at your Shopify store.

  • Highly flexible and adaptable as per niche requirements and your needs.
  • We have 10+ years of experience to boost every aspect of Shopify SEO.
  • A total in-house team of industry-leading Shopify experts to launch a successful Shopify SEO campaign.
  • Dedicated project manager for each project to secure seamless communication and timely delivery.
  • We’re flexible with pricing models based on daily, weekly, or monthly SEO.
  • We follow a non-disclosure agreement to keep your business information confidential.
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Let's Build Your Idea

    Case Study 1: Chadé Cases

    Case study 1

    Problem: On-Page Errors Hurting Ranking.

    Goal: Fix On-Page Errors and Improve Search Engine Visibility.


    • Performed a thorough analysis of the website.
    • Highlighted the Necessary On-Page Changes that need to be done.
    • Fixed issues faced in GMB to improve website local visibility.


    • Load Speed increased to 2.42s (after optimization) from the previous 6.7s (before optimization).
    • 145.2% increase in organic keywords in just four months.

    Case Study 2: Sevana

    Case study 2

    Problem: Poor Visibility on Google Search Engine.

    Goal: Optimize and Improve Website’s Overall SEO.


    • Performed Deep Technical SEO Audit and fixed the errors.
    • Highlighted the Necessary New Page Content Requirements.
    • Helped in Designing and Building a Mobile-Friendly Website.


    • Load Speed increased to 1.77s (after optimization) from the previous 7.7s (before optimization).
    • 56.8% increase in organic traffic in 45 days.

    Still Not Sure? Here’s What Our Client Say About Us:

    Working with them feels like working with in-house counsel. They perform tasks efficiently and punctually.

    Head of Marketing, Outsourcing Company

    They’ve been very enthusiastic with regards to bringing new ideas to help improve our project.

    CTO, Ad Agency

    They were always on track and they delivered on their promises. They never failed me or left me behind.

    Project Manager, Fox Webpages

    Why Do You Need Shopify SEO Experts?

    You might be trying many techniques like aesthetic web design, relevant product details, and appealing pictures but not getting significant results. To uplift your Shopify website, you need Shopify SEO experts who know Shopify inside out. They identify where and how to hit the appropriate SEO spots. 

    Shopify is undoubtedly an SEO-friendly platform, but it doesn’t address many critical optimization areas. To name a few, these are technical SEO, optimized product pages, and building effective backlinks. When Shopify SEO experts use their magic wand, no one can stop you from expanding your eCommerce business.

    Our Shopify SEO services

    We at Webomaze provide all-in-one SEO solutions to reach a wider audience and get high-converting organic traffic. We employ tried and tested SEO (Search Engine Optimization) campaigns to boost your sales revenue manifold. Also, we cater to Shopify plus clients.

    Shopify SEO Audit

    A single SEO flaw can take your rankings down the drain like slow website, broken links, outdated content, etc. With SEO audit, you come to know why your site is not generating relevant traffic or eCommerce sales are not improving. We provide unique and personalized reports for Shopify merchants to improve the website’s strength areas, detect optimization errors, and locate potentialities.

    Keyword Research

    Relevant data-driven keywords strategy is influential in inviting high-volume, highly targeted traffic to your site. We guide you on white-hat keywords using techniques like avoiding keyword stuffing, considering search intent, and placing proper anchor text. Further, we portray long-tail, short, or medium keywords that work well for blogs, the homepage, subcategories, etc.

    Page Optimization Services

    On-page SEO act as a backbone for entire eCommerce SEO. It includes optimizing your title tag, meta descriptions, and URL structure. Also, you’ll get product page titles compelling enough to attract maximum qualified leads.

    Our SEO agency makes sure that there is one H1 tag and your images have descriptive image alt tags. It helps in expanding the bandwidth of your eCommerce businesses.

    Link Building Services

    Search engines consider the number, quality, and relevancy of backlinks as an important parameter to determine your rankings. You develop several link-building opportunities with potential partners in your niche with our services.

    Further, we tell you why and how to channelize your competitors’ citations and mentions. In this way, you remain aware of market trends and look for untapped areas like press releases.

    Technical SEO Services

    Technical SEO is of utmost importance to optimize everything besides content. It ensures the correct application of robots.txt, sitemap, and canonical tags on your website.

    Our SEO expert rectifies any crawling errors, wrong redirects, and broken links for the smooth indexability of your eCommerce store. We verify your Google Analytics and Google Search Console account and proper code implementation.

    User Experience Optimization

    Making SEO strategies without providing an optimal user experience doesn’t guarantee SEO success. UX is the overall experience of a visitor on your online store from beginning to end.

    We boost your website speed for leaving the best first impression. It promises a minimum bounce rate. Also, we make sure that the website is responsive, mobile-friendly, strong internal links to optimize the mobile experience and conversion rates.

    Content Writing Services

    Quality content not only attracts more customers but enhances the value of Shopify stores. You get compelling and easy-to-grab content for your entire website.

    Our copywriters optimize product pages, listings, and descriptions considering the latest market trends and follow a format that appeals instantly. We write landing pages and blog posts for conversion optimization, bring more traffic and sales to your Shopify store.

    Reputation Management Services

    SEO for Shopify is incomplete without leaving your presence on other platforms. You receive all-in-one reputation management services for your Shopify websites.

    We create your positive brand image by managing online reviews in search results and social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. It maintains your identity, brand engagement, and trust, attracting potential customers and collaboration opportunities.

    Our Shopify SEO Process


    First of all, we track the present status of your Shopify store, depending upon exactly what are your business goals. We check out site performance, organic search traffic hitting your website, and collect visitor insights from Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

    Technical Analysis

    Next, we perform the technical analysis to ensure that technical elements follow proper search engine guidelines. In this, we optimize your site architecture, validate HTML, CSS, and Javascript code. We verify heading tags, remove domain canonicals and optimize the Shopify site speed.

    Keyword Research

    We categorize and discover the right terms in keyword research based on search volume and keyword rankings. We find the high-value target keywords and their synonyms in the right spots like titles, meta descriptions, and headings for the Shopify store.

    Competitive Analysis

    Further, we see the successful eCommerce SEO strategy parameters links, keywords, and content employed by other Shopify stores. We reverse engineer by monitoring what’s already working for others, potential gaps, and Google SERP analysis to improve your SEO results.

    On-page Optimization

    For On-Page SEO, our eCommerce experts keep the page title within 60 characters and meta descriptions under 155 characters. We design attractive titles and URLs containing primary keywords. Also, we boost your visual results by assigning proper alt tags.


    To boost SEO for Shopify, we focus on potential areas for building partnerships in your niche and sharing value for mutual benefits. By creating and managing your account on product review websites like Amazon, Yelp we help you fetch quality link juice.

    Social Media Optimization

    After this, we optimize social media by determining the best channels, age groups, and content types for your products. We focus on influencer marketing to boost your online presence and increase traffic to your Shopify store.

    Rankings Report

    Our SEO company generates the ranking monthly reports by compiling all data. We care about your KPIs and goals by framing a customized SEO strategy. Also, we report daily progress on email, calls, or messages to keep you fully updated.

    Ongoing Consultation

    Last but not least, if you have doubts, queries on SEO for Shopify, you can ask anytime. We believe in transparent communication to inform about any issues there and then. Also, we assign an SEO expert for smooth collaboration and project completion.

    100% Organic Results

    Start Ranking Within Months

    Why Choose Our Shopify SEO Services

    Top-Rated SEO Company

    Webomaze is an award-winning Digital Marketing Agency in the US with proven results. We have a successful track record of delivering quick, efficient results and a strong ROI to our clients. SEOblog, Clutch, Goodfirms, Hubspot have recognized us as a top-rated marketing agency.

    Experience and Expertise

    We have Industry-leading Shopify SEO specialists having 10+ years of experience. Moreover, we adopt a proactive approach even towards minor changes in the eCommerce sector. Our Google-certified professionals know where to tweak your site to increase organic revenue.

    The Competent Team From Various Backgrounds

    Our SEO agency has professionals from different backgrounds like content marketing, graphic designing, digital marketing, etc. They assist our SEO team in adopting the 360-degree approach to boost your Shopify website’s overall search engine optimization.

    Active Communication

    We lay special importance on fostering cordial relationships with our clients. It starts from discussing your business needs, designing a roadmap for work, and final delivery. We’re available round the clock to provide you with optimal customer support.

    High-End security

    We have a remarkable brand reputation for maintaining the security of Shopify websites. The best thing is we operate in a trustworthy manner and keep your business information safe. Along with this, we don’t compromise on project quality.

    Wide Industry Experience

    Our SEO company has worked with many businesses having different niches and industry ranges. It included boosting Shopify SEO for Google and other search engines. We’ve learned a lot to help new clients leverage their business in this process.

    Frequently Asked Question

    Is SEO for Shopify is a one-time thing?

    No. SEO is an ongoing process. For this, you need to remain aware of current product demand in the market, changes in customer behavior, and algorithm changes. Wherever you leave a gap, your competitors take your place.

    Why do I need to invest in getting organic traffic?

    Investing in organic traffic bears long-term results compared to Google ads, PPC management, or other paid traffic. The best part is you reach the right target audience. Also, it builds your online reputation along with improvement in rankings.

    How much does Shopify SEO cost?

    The price depends on the type of products and pages you want to rank for and your current SEO status. We analyze your online store deeply and give proposals accordingly.

    Further, eCommerce business has a local, national and international presence. Project cost will vary as per the SEO plan you select.

    How are SEO agencies better than freelancers?

    The best part of working with SEO agencies is that you get a complete SEO package at one-stop. On the other hand, hiring freelancers guarantees only one or two SEO skills. So, it proves to be cost-effective and time-saving to hire an SEO agency.

    How long does it take for Shopify optimization to yield results?

    The time factor depends on how competitive your industry is. We focus on enhancing user experiences and follow the latest webmaster guidelines to perform SEO on your site. Further, we enhance your site from every angle to bring fast and reliable results.

    Can you convert organic traffic into conversions on my online store?

    Yes. We provide quality and engrossing copy to boost your sales. Additionally, we guide you where and how to place critical elements like CTAs, and use links to high-converting pages.

    Do you use the same SEO strategy for Shopify for all your clients?

    No. We use a customized SEO strategy for each of our clients, and SEO strategies vary dramatically on your online store requirements, goals, and targets. Obviously, a real estate client has different business objectives from a retail shop.

    What are the challenges with SEO on a Shopify site?

    Performing SEO for Shopify may seem easy, but it comes with loads of challenges. For example, duplicate content issues, forced URL structure, complex page customization. But, we have SEO experts who know Shopify optimization very well to boost your organic search.

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