In its absolute sense, design comes across an ambiguous term with a relative acceptance. Given the success attained by Uber-like apps, the design has become the deciding factor for the sustainability of any mobile app, and this is where UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface) come into play. For an app to work, the local or offshore software development company hired must ensure that the design appeals to the users being targeted, and this is where on-demand app development tends to falter quite often.

What separates UX from UI, and why are these terms often confused with one another?

For instance, imagine yourself as a user looking to order food from an Uber-like app. You may have an app downloaded on your smartphone. To begin with, the operational flow of the app constitutes the User Experience or UX, and the layout of each screen or step in this operational flow constitutes the User Interface or UI. The amalgamation of the two amounts to a personalized user experience, critical to the success of any app.

Independent in their curation, UX and UI are inter-dependent for the working of any app. What if custom mobile app development ensures a splendid layout but a shoddy operational flow, or else, what if the seamlessness of your UX is ruined by an imperfect UI? Much like in Cricket, where two batsmen are required to complete a successful run, the synchronization of UX and UI is necessary for the successful run of your app amongst its users.

So, how does UX and UI influence Custom Mobile App Development in the contemporary business era?

  1. Consistency: Turns out, UX and UI are much more than colors and screen orientation, for they bring consistency to your app. From the visual elements to the icons in place and to the text being used, the design warrants a certain consistency when it comes to usage of color, font style and size, and icon design. Eventually, these parameters make your mobile app unique.
  2. Efficiency: If your UX and UI cannot speed things up, you are doing it wrong. Along with easing operations for your users, an ideal design must ensure efficiency and speed through minimal design. This is where UI will play a crucial role as the key lies in overcoming the challenge of showcasing the important and relevant information in a simplistic design.
  3. Customer Experience: Design not only dictates the working of your app, but also how your users will interact with your business. If your design is modelled to be complex, appeals to a selective few users, the app is doomed for failure. Thus, it is imperative to have a design flow in place that doesn’t constrain a user and instead, facilitates easy interaction and availing of services.
  4. Customer Acquisition and Retention: When done right, the UX/UI Design of your app will ensure increased customer acquisition and retention. Given the fact that there are multiple apps for the same business, an impeccable design is indispensable for your business to hold an edge over its competitors and also suffices as a reason for your users to come back.
  5. Customer Issues Addressed: It has been observed that numerous customer issues arise due to the complexity in design. Therefore, through custom mobile app development, efforts must be made to have a simple design in place in order to reduce the possible issues that might arise due to design or its intricacies. Remember, the easier your app is to traverse through, the more users shall remain.
  6. Revenue Prospects: Two food deliver apps, each hosting over 100 restaurants for 100 different cities, but one of them helping user place an order in 10 seconds while the other taking minutes. There is no dearth of competition when it comes to on-demand app development and Uber-like apps in the market, and to garner an edge, the design must be taken into account as it will have a direct impact on your revenue prospects.

For any business to succeed, a unique idea is necessary, but it takes the ideal amalgamation of UX and UI to transform that idea into a service and help it attain a loyal user base. During the process of custom mobile app development, the UX and UI will be instrumental to the final outcome, and must be catered to accordingly.

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