SEO Audit Services

Do you know a single penny SEO mistake can cost you a significant drop in organic traffic and search rankings? And we’re pretty sure that you would not like to fall into this pitfall. 

  • We provide a detailed and comprehensive SEO audit report covering all possible on-page and technical issues.
  • We deliver 100% transparent SEO site audit to improve the website’s performance.
  • We perform SEO Audit for companies of all sizes, from portfolios, startups, medium to ecommerce websites.
  • We provide a custom SEO audit service tailored to your needs.
  • Active communication and 1-on-1 meetings with our team of SEO experts.
  • We have 10+ years of rich and extensive experience and a team of 70+ SEO professionals working efficiently to deliver unique solutions.
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See the case study below

Let's Build Your Idea

    Case Study 1: Ji Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine

    Case study 1

    Problem: Sudden Decrease in Keyword Ranking.

    Goal: Investigate the Possible Reason Behind Dropped Ranking.


    • Performed Custom SEO Audit in Aug 2021.
    • Prepared List of Important Recommendations and Strategies.
    • We Implemented the listed Recommendations.


    • 125.291% increase in organic keywords in just four months.
    • 30 keywords rank in the top 5 positions on Google.

    Case Study 2: Lavender Care

    Case study 2

    Problem: Organic Traffic was Stagnant.

    Goal: Bring Improvement in Organic Traffic.


    • Performed SEO Audit in Sep 2021.
    • Checked Competitor Analysis and Keyword Audit.
    • Prepared Strategic SEO Plan for Upcoming Months.


    • 443.86% increase in organic traffic in just three months.
    • 65.4664% increase organic keywords in just three months.

    Still Not Sure? Here’s What Our Client Say About Us:

    They were proactive and took the initiative to bring new ideas to the table.

    Marketing Associate, E-Learning Platform

    The team of Webomaze demonstrated highly effective skills and great attention to detail.

    Digital Marketing Manager, Digital Marketing Agency

    They helped us in our decision-making processes by giving us their opinions but they never enforced anything on us.

    CEO, Online Book Shop

    Why Do You Need SEO Auditing Services?

    An SEO audit provides a roadmap to ensure long-term SEO success. It is like taking your motor vehicle to the fuel station to replace oil. It guarantees the smooth functioning of the motor vehicle and extends the motor vehicle life. Likewise, SEO audit builds up strong technical, on-site, and off-site infrastructure.

    Regular SEO audits become more than necessary to discover your website’s SEO strengths, weaknesses, and potentials. Sometimes search engine optimization loopholes remain hidden behind the covers, and you keep on losing potential traffic. SEO audit services act as a net to catch SEO errors before they take a toll on your organic search positions.

    Our SEO Audit Services

    No doubt, many SEO audit tools are available online, but it needs expert eyes to detect and analyze exact SEO issues. We at Webomaze provide the best website SEO audit services to optimize search engines traffic.

    Competitive SEO Audit

    The competitive analysis involves SEO research between similar websites. It extracts what all keywords, content, and links are working best for your competitors. With this, you get insights into how to beat the competition, find the links, and what topics to target.  We conduct complete SEO competitor research and analysis to help you build from others’ success and find market opportunities.

    On-Site SEO Audits

    Have you conducted on-site health checkups? If not, you can lose tons of organic traffic. It includes building a robust website. You can create quality and relevant content with keyword research. We examine meta tags, URL structure, and website title to get maximum search clicks. Our on-page SEO audit report tells you how to optimize content to give optimal user experience and achieve higher search engine rankings.

    Technical Website Audit

    The technical SEO audit inspects a website’s technical SEO parameters. By improving technical aspects, search engine crawlers can easily index your website. We work on analyzing sitemaps, checking a robots.txt file, and verifying core web vitals.

    Further, we scrutinize CSS, Javascript coding and fix W3C validation errors to improve the website’s rankings. Our technical audit helps improve site speed and make your website mobile-friendly.

    Link SEO Audit

    Links are the crucial aspect of SEO audits. Link audit examines the type of links pointing at your website. Also, you get a complete backlink profile, including quality of inbound links, anchor text, and website content relevance.

    Link Audit is beneficial in recognizing spammy links trying to destroy your website reputation. Our SEO audit services assist you in identifying potential link-building opportunities.

    Website Migration Audit

    The website migration process is not complete without retaining your website’s ranking. It ensures that your online traffic gets a safe place to land. Additionally, you receive improvement areas checklists like 404 error, 301, and 302 redirects.

    We check whether internal links are as per the new URL and correct sitemap updations. In the migration audit, we review your present website structure is SEO friendly or not.

    Traffic Loss Audit

    Traffic loss is a nightmare for any business or website owner. It can be an immediate or gradual process. We counter any rapid traffic loss by diagnosing technical reasons behind it.

    Our SEO team gives you the exact reasons responsible, like changes in traffic trends, spammy links, irrelevant anchor texts, and wrong placement of internal links. We analyze every possible cause hampering your organic traffic health.

    Social Media Audit

    Social media is a keystone that binds digital marketing, SEO, and potential customers together. Social media Audit involves evaluating social media profiles and examining SEO strategies.

    You get holistic coverage of social media business metrics and review key performance indicators (KPIs) like engagement, channel-specific graphs. Our SEO audit services help you to improve your social presence and get genuine traffic.

    Google Analytics and GSC Audit

    Google Analytics(GA) and Google Search Console(GSC) are the two most reliable and open-source SEO auditing tools. You receive details about what specific data is valuable for you and what needs fixing.

    We accurately diagnose what the holes are and what information to avoid from GA and GSC. Our website audit report describes how many leads and checkouts happen customized for standard and eCommerce businesses.

    What Do We Investigate In SEO Audits?

    Site Structure

    We probe the website’s navigation structure, including external links from the header, sidebar, and footer. Further, we scrutinize appropriate content grouping, proper usage of target keywords, and site hierarchy to maximize user experience.

    Internal Linking

    We look into relevant internal links placement to optimize conversion ratio and address user queries. Especially, we check the number of links leading to the home page for easy search engine spiders crawlability.

    Technical Errors

    In our technical SEO audit services, we investigate missing or incorrect Robots .txt, alt text for images, schema tags, and canonical tags for duplicate content. Then, we find out the technical SEO reasons behind slow site speed and if the sitemap covers all URLs.

    On-Page Audit

    We explore optimal usage of title tags, meta descriptions, URL structure, and header tags. Also, we provide the best SEO audit for image optimization, word count, anchor text, any keyword stuffing, and quality content.

    Search Engine Indexing

    In search engine indexing, we track crawl status, check crawl errors, and suggest solutions. Our website SEO audit services look into neverending redirects and detect web pages with a noindex tag.

    Analytics Implementation

    Our SEO audit services arrange your business goals and KPIs, convert user action into events, and prepare event tracking plans. And we choose the right tools for you, add tracking code and make required modifications.

    Page Speed And Load Time

    We evaluate and fix the issues reducing your page speed and load time like enabling image compression, optimizing website code, decreasing the number of redirects, remove render-blocking Javascript, stylesheets, or HMTL imports.

    Crawlability And Accessibility

    We diagnose the problems that make website accessibility difficult and increase the crawl budget. These are redirect loops, server errors, unsupported scripts, unsubmitted images, videos, mobile, news, and HTML sitemaps.

    Backlink Audit

    Our SEO team calculates backlink toxicity scores and dig out harmful links. Our backlink audit consists of a complete backlink profile, detecting new link-building prospects, and lost link recovery.

    Site Security

    We look out if your website has HTTPS secure certificate and find web pages that are left out. Further, we check out if malware or spammy links are affecting your website.

    Broken Links

    We detect and weed out any dead ends for internal or external links from your website like 404 errors, 400 bad requests, bad hosts, URL changes, mistyped URLs, or code errors.

    Ranking Drops

    Our SEO agency enlists the actual cause for your ranking drops, such as a change in algorithm, Google penalty, weak link profile, messy redirects, or competitor’s new market strategy.

    Mobile Friendliness

    In mobile-friendliness, we check whether your website is mobile responsive or not. Also, our SEO audit services tell you how to improve your mobile rankings by improving crawlability parameters and increasing mobile speed.

    Duplicate Content Issues

    Our SEO audit service diagnoses multiple versions of the same web page with URL alteration, “www” or “non-www” domain, or scraped content issues. We implement improvements in URL and file plagiarism reports.

    Our Comprehensive SEO Audit Process

    Project Discussion

    We start by discussing what all project is about. In this, we build a clear understanding of your business needs. We analyze your current website health score, ranking history, organic traffic record and assess other concerns. Accordingly, we set up the goals to realize.

    Finalising Terms and Conditions

    It’s important to communicate regarding terms and conditions. We discuss what do we require before starting SEO Audit. It includes things like access to Google Analytics and Google Search Console accounts. With this, we perform SEO auditing and create a report.

    Project Execution and Delivery

    We start working on the project and generate reports on our findings. We deliver the final report through a convenient communication medium like Email or messaging platforms like Skype, Slack, etc. Next, we fix the suggestions and issues highlighted in the report.

    100% Organic Results

    Start Ranking Within Months

    Why Choose Our SEO Audit Services ?

    Proactive Approach

    We adopt a proactive approach to address potential issues. The best part is we catch SEO issues before they become massive, and you remain ahead in organic search. Further, we keep track of the major search engines algorithm changes to withstand ranking fluctuations.

    Seamless Communication

    We lay special importance on transparent communication. It includes active listening to your necessities and comprehending real intention. Furthermore, we explain all the particulars and aspects of the report. Also, you can call us freely for more queries later as well.

    Setting Priorities

    We convey to you a proper SEO strategy for easy implementation. In this, we list down the task priorities. We tell what the SEO steps to address as per their urgency level are. Then, you get an in-depth report about alarms and warnings.

    Get Realistic Solutions

    Our SEO audit process involves giving realistic and practical solutions. We believe in presenting an issue’s explanation that is easy to understand. Further, a step-wise resolution process becomes effortless to execute. And it doesn’t seem a horrible job at first sight.

    Convenient Reporting Format

    We follow the standard and uncomplicated reporting formats. Our audit report includes PDFs, images, or other illustrations and relevant facts required. Also, we follow a writing style having high readability and legibility. And we make sure that its tone matches your business requirements.

    Expertise and Experience

    Our SEO team has experience of 10+ years delivering flawless SEO audit reports. We have Google-certified SEO professionals to guide and address your SEO concerns. Furthermore, we have a remarkable brand reputation as we operate in a trustworthy manner while maintaining customers’ privacy.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the Purpose of SEO Audit?

    An SEO audit is fruitful in knowing potential issues responsible for your website’s lower rankings and below-par online visibility in the organic search results.

    An SEO audit helps you grab maximum traffic from search engines like Google, Bing. When you get more inputs in the marketing funnel, you get more conversions. Further, it improves ROI and increases revenue.

    Is an SEO audit worth it?

    Yes, an SEO audit is worth it. It helps you find out any potential issues affecting your website and business growth without any other efforts.

    What are the main things you'll consider in SEO Audit?

    We conduct thorough research of your competitor’s SEO campaign. Next, we check out if the website has proper indexability, accessibility, and crawlability for search engines.

    Further, we look into website architecture, duplicate content, site speed, mobile-friendliness, on-page SEO, page experience, manual actions, sitemap, toxic links, etc.

    Do you use any tools for conducting SEO Audits?

    We perform manual audits to check the health of your website. For things that we can’t audit in visual inspection, we use reliable SEO tools such as SEMrush, Ahrefs, and tools provided by Google.

    I have heard of free online SEO audit tools. How are your deliverables different from them?

    Free online SEO tools provide you with insights on areas to make improvements. They don’t tell how to do it and what will be pitfalls in addressing those problems. We give you comprehensive recommendations with solutions.

    Are you able to run all types of audits highlighted above and send me a report with recommendations based on those?

    Yes, we have an expert SEO team to conduct every type of audit highlighted in the sections above. We send you an extensive report with recommendations to rectify detected areas.

    How do I get started with SEO audit services?

    It will start with a direct conversation on what are your objectives. In this dialogue, we comprehend what exactly you expect from a search engine optimization audit. Then, we’ll talk over any prerequisites desired from your end. Afterward, we create an apt SEO strategy.

    How much time would you take to do an SEO audit?

    The time frame differs with the kind of work to implement. It could range from 1 day to a week or more. For smaller websites, we generally conduct SEO audits within a day or two. To cater to bigger websites like Ecommerce and large companies, it takes around one week and longer.

    What kind of access is required to enable a comprehensive SEO audit of my website?

    We don’t require any such specific details for conducting SEO audits but we need is access to Google Console and Analytics.

    Can you provide an example of an SEO Audit?

    We can discuss the same during communication. The reason is, it depends upon the type of project and clientele. Some client says they don’t have any issues sharing their project their others. On the other hand, other clients emphasize maintaining their privacy.

    How much does an SEO audit cost?

    Audit cost varies as per the complexity of the project. If the issues lie deep into the website, it takes more time to recognize and fix.

    Further, website size is a significant factor. The bigger the website, the more time it’ll take for auditing. The next thing that matters is which package and audit services you’ve selected.

    Who will be the point of contact?

    Your main point of contact will be the assigned SEO Expert with whom you have discussed the project. The same person will be responsible for going through major aspects of the auditing process. And we’ll provide their contact information to ask your queries whenever required.

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