Cricket in India is followed more like a religion than just any other sport and this is the reason everyone at Webomaze has a passion for it at some another level. Following the culture from the past few years, 2018’s Webomaze premier league was literally lit event with three teams, Royal Warriors, Dream Crushers, and Scorpio Knight Riders competing for a single goal of becoming the champions. The event not only brings the feeling of sportsmanship but also promotes the feeling of togetherness in our organization.

Royal Warriors

All three teams i.e. Royal Warriors, Scorpio Knight Riders, and Dream Crushers showed a highly enthusiastic approach towards the WPL. The height of competition and thirst to win could be clearly seen through the intense practice sessions. Teams were so much into the spirit of WPL that they had practice sessions even at 5 or 6 in the morning continuously for more than two months.

Dream Crushers

Scorpio Knight Riders

The fight for the trophy and cash prize was seen clearly on the ground but one thing which was never missing from the field was the joy of amusement and support between the team players. There were total 7 matches of 7 overs each including 1 special over for girls in each over.

Over the final match, both the team players were excited as well as nervous due to the aim to achieve the high set scores by Royal Warriors. Every single member of our Webomaze family played the game very gracefully but the hard work and good planning pay off in the favor of Scorpio knight riders as they lifted the champions’ trophy.

Winning Moment of Scorpio Knight Riders Team

To encourage the zest and zeal of the teams, players who showed amazing efforts in bowling and batting were awarded special trophies & prizes because we believe that efforts should be appreciated and people must be motivated for their endeavor to grab the goals.

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