All individuals take help from the search engines to answer their queries, avoid confusion, get purchase suggestions, etc. Whenever a user searches, then the companies try to make sure their website appears at the top. To increase the chances of holding the top-notch position, everyone puts effort into search engine optimization practices.

With technological developments, things are getting changed a lot. If we talk about the changes in search engine optimization or search engine functionings, voice searches have the biggest impact. These days, people start choosing the option of voice searches, and it also brings some changes in the appearance of search results as compared to normal searches. Today, we will discuss some major facts about it.

What Is Voice Search?

Dominance of Voice Search in 2021

Previously, when anyone has to raise any query on search engines, then the interested one has to type or write some search terms. The results are based on these specific search terms. Now, the users can get their results by speaking those terms only. It makes the search process convenient and easier for everyone.

It becomes possible with the development of a specific voice recognition technology. It provides an entirely new way to the users. Voice recognition technology is becoming a part of search engines and is used by numerous platforms and reputed brands to provide a better user experience to their visitors or customers.

Impact Of Voice Search On Search Queries

Impact Of Voice Search On Search Queries

The voice search completely works with the help of voice recognition technology. Here, the search engines understand and recognise the words of users correctly and present results accordingly. In this particular manner, the result accuracy becomes higher and benefits individuals in several ways. Some major benefits of voice search are –

Higher Speed

Voice search is one of the most convenient methods. If you compare a search engine’s time consumption and voice search technology, you can find it much faster. Here, the users have to speak some words only. On the other hand, the users need to access their device first and then type their query into a search engine.

Enhanced Productivity

It clearly increases productivity by shortening the search procedure. As per today’s technology, 4G and 5G provide a faster way to complete the tasks. The addition of voice search makes the process of getting results to search queries much faster. If we talk about the users’ mentality, then no one likes to use keyboards or touchscreens, in case they can accomplish a task by saying a few words only.

Massive Accessibility

The most important thing about voice search is accessibility. There are not any restrictions regarding the usage or accessibility of voice search. Anyone can use it when they want. Along with it, people with disabilities (like – blindness or not capable of using screens) can get answers to their questions without any problem. Now, there are numerous reputed platforms available online that provide the facility of voice assistant, recognition, or search to make things easier for customers.


Whenever someone considers voice search, then the accuracy level becomes higher compared to the usual search methods.

These things can help the audience or user, but they may face some drawbacks if we talk about the websites.

How Does Voice Search Affect SEO?

Optimising Voice Search for SEO

Till now, all websites were targeting the search engine result pages with their different types of SEO techniques only. But voice search technology appears like a big challenge for all these individuals. The results of the voice searches are entirely different.

Interrogative Statements

Mainly, the search queries that begin with where, why, what, and how to lead to a significant impact. In the case of voice searches, these types of queries appear more than usual words. The major reason behind these queries is the intention of getting results quickly. In these conditions, the search results also appear with the question contents only.


According to some reputable sources, more than 60% of searches are conducted with the use of mobile devices. Out of these, above 20% of searches are conducted with the help of voice search technology. It also increases the difficulty for the websites that are not mobile-optimized or friendly. The ratio of voice searches on mobile devices is growing rapidly.

Type Of Search Queries

With the voice search, the way of presenting search queries is also changed. Now, the users are using different types of search terms, such as – questions, near me queries, etc. Mainly, everyone tries to personalize the search query by which they can get perfect results as per the suitability. It also increases the importance of question optimization in the content and local search engine optimization practices.

Loading Speed

Voice search is all about boosting the speed of searching procedures. All people are trying to save their time and effort here. If you focus on the voice search results, it represents the websites or sources that load quickly and saves the user’s time.

Content Style

The availability of voice search now completely changes the way of creating textual content. Here, the importance of conversation content increases as compared to simple guides, articles, or blogs.

These are some major changes brought by the voice search in search engine optimization. Now, all websites have to take care of aspects while creating an SEO strategy to rank on the search engine result pages quickly.

How To Prepare Website For Voice Search?

To get the best results and presenting your website in the top-notch ranking position in the voice search results, you have to focus on multiple factors. Firstly, you need to revise your search engine optimization strategy. It can help you in covering all search queries-related aspects and come up with a perfect solution.

Keyword Research

When it comes to working on a search engine optimization plan, keywords play the biggest role. Keywords are the specific search terms that an individual uses to sort out the confusion and get a perfect answer quickly. To target the voice search results, you have to add or work on the following keyword types.

Question Keywords

As we discussed earlier, voice searches are mainly based on personalized questions. You have to do research correctly and try to figure out these specific questions quickly. If you use these questions in the content like keywords, then the chances of getting your website appeared in voice search results become higher.

Long-Tail Keywords

Previously, the individuals used to target short-tail and medium-tail keywords in their content. In the case of voice search, the people use some descriptive terms to get the best possible and suitable results. Due to all these things, the importance of long-tail keywords becomes higher quickly.

Filler Words

To make the keywords more relevant to the searches, you should try to add some filler words as well. It makes the keyword more appropriate. Mainly these filler words are – the, I, of the, on the, for, to, etc.

By focusing on these details, you can understand what kind of keywords can be used in the content to target the voice search results. You should revise your keyword strategy and prepare it accordingly.

Voice Search Optimization Strategies

With the addition of appropriate keywords, you have to focus on multiple elements and optimize the website accordingly. If your website is not well-optimized, it can become a reason for lots of issues, and your sources may not appear in the voice search results.

Understand The Customer

Firstly, you have to focus on your customers. You should try to understand the customer by focusing on its requirements, type, type of devices, etc. Based on these details, you can figure out what kind of data and keywords you have to add to the content. Mainly, the voice search algorithms function and showcase search results using different elements, such as – location and numerous other data points. It helps the search engines in showcasing results as per the users’ requirements.

Conversational Keywords

e already discussed the type of keyword that can be used for voice search optimization. For an effective optimization technique and strategy, you should try to pick conversational phrases or terms as the keywords. You have to make sure all the phrases are normal as the users’ personalized ones.


You should not forget to add a frequently asked questions section on the web pages. With this particular section’s help, you can easily target all major questions raised by the users. It can help you in making lots of things more manageable and showcase your sources in multiple places.


The majority of voice searches take place with mobile devices’ help due to the easy accessibility of microphone features. Here, the website owners have to make sure they have a mobile-friendly website where they can bring lots of mobile users and present their business, products, services, and information without any kind of barrier. In case your website is not mobile-friendly, then its layout becomes completely different on the mobile screens, and the users may not understand anything.

Think Local

According to a study, people consider the option of voice searches to get some local results only. They opt for this particular option while looking for any kind of service in their surroundings or related factors. Here, you have to focus on keeping the website local SEO-friendly. Along with it, you also need to be careful with the selection of keywords. Try to add some local SEO elements to your major search terms, such as – ‘location name’ or ‘near me.’

Website Loading Time

The voice search technology is all about speed and saving lots of time. Similarly, search engines and other platforms love to consider sources that can deliver the best user experience by saving users’ time. In these conditions, it is important to focus on the website’s loading time. If your website’s loading speed is slow, it consumes lots of time and makes things difficult.

Local Business Listing

Voice search optimization is all about local optimization differently. In these situations, it becomes important to register the business on the local listing platforms, like – Google My Business. It helps in increasing visibility in the local searches and bringing lots of local traffic to the website.

Final Words…

By paying attention to all these details, you can easily understand the concept of voice search and its importance in today’s world. Along with it, you can get introduced to the impact of voice search and recognition technology on search queries and search engine optimization results. In case you want to get the best voice search optimization Services with effective SEO results, then Webomaze is available to assist you.

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