Magento is an open-source E-Commerce platform that is being used worldwide. If your site is running on Magento, then you will definitely understand how difficult it is to manage and store. You always need to hire a certified Magento developer to make things and tasks easier for you. One of the major challenging and daunting responsibilities that usually the business persons are hiring the right and perfect Magento developer for them. Before hiring a certified Magento developer, there are several factors that you need to know about.

From the last several years, Magento has gained a lot of popularity in the E-Commerce world, and it is entirely customizable. Yes, by hiring the Magento eCommerce developers, you can easily get your eCommerce store personalized according to the specifications of your customer and the requirements as well. As per the global survey, around 50% of the online stores are developed on the Magento platform, and more than 250000 e-commerce companies on the Magento eCommerce store today. This is also one of the main reasons behind the huge demand for Magento eCommerce developers. Considering all such facts, here we are providing you a detailed guide that can help you out in hiring the certified Magento developer in 2020. So let’s get started. But before sharing valuable tips, let’s first discuss the reason behind hiring Magento web developers and the benefits which can be availed after completing the hiring process.

Why Should I Hire a Magento Certified Developer?

Before completing the hiring process, it is important for you to understand that you are actually in need of hiring him or not. Well, Magento is one of the complex CMS platforms to handle, and in order to complete the task with perfection, it is necessary to hire an expert Magento developer. You cannot have in-depth technical knowledge regarding the platform. The expert will be having all the in and out the detail of the platform. Additionally, he will be able to address all the complexities and providing you the best solution as well.

Benefits of Hiring the Magento eCommerce Developer:

Helps In Saving Time

Helps In Saving Time

The certified Magento developers take less time to complete the development task. They know how to handle a project and having the right knowledge that helps in providing uniqueness and creativity on the site. The best part is whenever you are willing to modify the details, and you can easily contact the developer. Magento developers are highly trained in reducing the repetition of the code that is a prime factor in saving time.

Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance

The certified and best Magento developers will definitely help you out in getting the right technical knowledge about your platform, and also they will guide you towards success. Along with building your website in dealing with the logical stuff, the developer will also help you out with the HTML theme development and customizations so that you can easily handle the small pinpoints of the platform.



Getting the E-Commerce store developed is not the only test to perform. There are several uniqueness and creativity factors required on your website. With the help of the Magento developer, it becomes easier for you to ensure that your website can easily get customized according to your requirement, and also it will feel professional.

High Performance

High Performance

The expert Magento developers have high knowledge that can help you in getting a highly performable E-Commerce store. When it comes to the conversion rate of a site, then performance is considered the most important factor. The Magento developers are highly familiar with the technical aspects, and they can help you out in getting the right performance.


If you are willing to have a nice and fresh look at your website, then also it is important for you to hire a professional Magento developer. He will help you out in implementing new and updated designs on your website.

5 Valuable Tips to Hire Certified Magento Developers

Now you know why you are exactly in need of a developer and what type of developer you are in need of. In order to hire the high top-class Magento developer for your store, you are suggested to go through these five instant steps.

1.) Check out all the reviews and ratings given to the developer online. With the help of the reviews and rating, you will be able to check out the work excellence, professionalism of the candidate you are selecting.

2.) Check out the work portfolio and credentials. It will help you out in ensuring that the person is the right candidate for your project is not. The professional developer portfolio will be the evidence for his experience, proficiency, design and development work, Framework, number of projects, lesson plans, and certifications as well.

3.) Once you have taken a look over the portfolio, check out the availability and work stress. It will help you out in understanding how much time he will be able to give to your project, or will he be able to available for you every time.

4.) Specify your project is also a crucial factor to consider. It is important for you to share all the proper guidelines of your project with the developers so that you can get the desired result, and if you want to have any changes, then you can easily request it from the developer accordingly. Additionally, it is important for you to ensure that the developer is ok with all your requirement and deadlines.

5.) Try to start with a speed test project. It will help you out in understanding that you have chosen the right person or not. It is quite essential to consider. Instead of starting with a huge task, give him a small paid test project and analyze his quality and working process.

Few More Important Tips:

Along with going through the work portfolio, resume, reviews, and certificates, it is also important to judge the technical knowledge, passion for development, and dedication as well. The major skills that the Magento expert must have included the following.

Development expertise

a.) He should be having ample knowledge of the Magento platform.

b.) He should know and having expertise regarding the Magento website development, custom E-Commerce solutions, Magento module, and theme development, custom extension development, shopping cart development.

c.) He should be having industry knowledge and know-how to face the challenging frameworks.

d.) He should ensure that he will be able to work with different Magento versions, including enterprise, go, and community.

e.) He should know each and every feature function and Framework of the Magento versions. He should know how to handle serious challenges as well.

f.) The professionalism factor will help you in identifying the attitude of the person towards his work. No one wants to have an unprofessional candidate even if he has the right knowledge.

g.) The candidate you are choosing must be imaginative, especially the front-end developer. If your developer is creative, then he will be able to create the best website homepage and versatile eCommerce stores from scratch.

h.) This process will help you out in choosing the right candidate for your project.

Hence, this was all about hiring the best Magento eCommerce developer for your side. With the help of the given information and details, you will be able to choose the right Magento developer for you. In case you are still in doubt, then you do not need to roam here and there. You can contact us, and we will provide you the best Magento developer to help you out in modifying or developing your eCommerce store. We are a team of experienced Magento developers having extensive knowledge in all the fields related to Magento. So what are you waiting for? Contact us and get the best possible solution for your queries.

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