The year 2020 is the most challenging year for all types of industry globally. Many companies had to rapidly swivel to stay afloat amid global shutdowns to limit the spread of COVID-19, while many others weren’t so lucky and were forced to close forever as a result. Businesses are more involved in social media because most people are in their homes and use social media due to pandemics. It will become a boom for new companies to use the social media platform. New Year is knocking on our door, so they need to be aware of the latest trends in 2021.

Social media is a powerful platform to boost your business. The brand uses the social media platform to get attention from the flock to connect with their clients quickly. It is a tough competition for the brands to use the social platform to get attention. It needs a strategy to get the attention of the customers. Recent studies show that most businesses using social media platforms. For instance,  Facebook is used by 96% of businesses, Twitter by 89%, whereas LinkedIn and Instagram have a usage percentage of 70%, and youtube of 57%. It shows us that social media is the most incredible tool to boost your business.

Old social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram will play their role in different ways. You can see other emerging trends of theirs will help the brands boost their business with a preparation strategy according to the latest social media trends.

Trends of Social Media in 2021

Video content:

Using the video in your content will be the first choice now. Companies are using all platforms of social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Tiktok. Now the companies give focus on their content. They will start using the videos in their content, and it becomes catchy and get the user’s attention. Video content is already commanding social media.

–> Users can watch videos, and 92% of people share videos with others.
–> It can generate 1200% more shares than other types of content.
–> Studies show that 72% of customers learn about new brands from videos,
–> Customers spend more time on that website, which has videos.
–> Consumers want to see more content from their favorite brands.

According to HubSpot, businesses use 85% of video as marketing tools, and they generate 82% of internet traffic from videos. The video content is used more on these platforms. Most people can spend 2hours and 15 minutes on social media. It’s amply evident that video content is the future. Brands that continue to use the old methods to promote their brand are making huge mistakes, and they will cause difficulty to boost their business.


Stories on social media are news feed types, but they get more attention than the other content. The main reason is that it is visual to everyone and helps to promote the business. Companies use video clips in their stories, and they will catch the users’ attention. Every company is using the reports on Facebook, Instagram, status on WhatsApp, feet on Twitter.

–> Stories are catchy, so they are growing 15 times faster than other feeds.
–> After seeing the story, 62% of users become more interested in brands or products.

Fleeting content makes people consider it easy with yielding more of their unedited, and without the fear of being judged. Therefore, it frees the stage for more reliable marketing. In 2021, more companies will get on board with Stories. In stories, the content is attractive, and the user will catch their words quickly. It will help the customers to grab the discount on the products and start shopping products rapidly.

Influencer Marketing:

Influencer marketing is a different tactic that is not going anywhere in the foreseeable future. Many companies will plan to increase 63% of the existing budget in 2021 because they get good ROI. The purpose that influencers work so firmly is that purchasers are careful of ads and untrusting corporate brands. Customers place more credence in someone they know at least the bond is entirely online. Social data comes in many patterns, whether it’s associates and family, friends, or the buyer’s reviews segment on an e-commerce store.

Consumers give more importance to these reviews than they do to a brand.

Social media becomes the influencer’s domain, and the value is that you don’t have to be a massive enterprise with deep pockets to avail of its gains. The growth of influencer marketing, particularly with micro-influencers, is one of the biggest social media trends in 2021.

Augmented Reality:

Suppose you search for futuristic technology in marketing. In that case, AR is becoming the most exciting trend technology that incorporates digital elements into the effort to intensify reality with digitally generated images and features.

The AR and Virtual reality market is regularly growing and reach $209.2 billion. AR and social media appear that adoption has been hindered, but it offers more than just games as technology develops. Applications for e-commerce, personalized marketing, and product discovery are gradually pulling up. The latest techniques that brands and marketers can use augmented reality to advertise their products or services include:

–> They are utilizing social shopping into a more novel and immersive experience.
–> You are empowering your global public to visit your brand’s event from the world.
–> Build interactive AR videos to explain to your customers how to use your products.
–> At this time, an AR experience is exceptionally shareable.

AR technology opens the doors to unending possibilities for marketers, and as its skills grow, customers foresee big paces in 2021.

Ecommerce and Social Media:

In 2020, the main topic is merging e-commerce and social media. It will become popular in 2021. Study shows that Gen Z consumes up to 3x more time buying on social media than and it is done on Instagram and Snapchat, where influencers are a large driving force.  They will provide the opportunity to purchase products on a social platform like shoppable posts, which is a tremendous step in offering a more satisfying user experience for Internet buyers. Instagram is heading the way with this.

Customers quickly embrace this move. According to studies that 87% of our buyers believe social media assists them in making buying decisions. The completion of social commerce will help marketers to build shorter sales funnels. Consumers reach a regular and quick buyer’s journey that is sure to intensify shopper comfort.

Four C’s In Content:

The pandemic is settled in 2021, and they will feel the effects for years to come. The obscuration cast by coronavirus will most likely remain. It is making it hard for customers to forget their moments easily.

Brands will need to modify their communications with this in mind – with the pitch of 2021 formed by the 4 Cs of coronavirus content:

–> Community
–> Contactless
–> Cleanliness
–> Compassion

Janet Machuka explains the value of readjusting brand messaging to suit the crisis. Now companies will make their social media content using these four C’s. It will benefit customers and companies. Buyers are more likely to be aware of these things. It helps the company to boost the business in the coming year.

Messaging way:

The latest trend is to use GIFS and Memes in the messaging. Most brands use GIFS and Memes to attract customers. Customers always pay attention to catchy content. It becomes a game-changer in social media. The companies will know how to attract customers using Memes. Buyers are smart now, and they will pick the fast way to get information about the products.GIFs and Memes have become popular due to their short forms.

Final Words:

Social media always play a unique role in promoting brands and products. It will be helpful for new businesses. Their expense is not allowed to use other ways to promote their brands. Customers are habitual of using social media, so they will quickly get the customers from social media. It all depends on the companies how they represent their brand on social media using the latest methods. Companies will plan their social media campaigns according to the latest trends, and an additional SEO strategy will boost their business and get more customers for their brands. It will benefit the company and customers.

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