Innovative ideas and advancements in technology shaping the e-commerce industry in every way. They are fulfilling the needs of consumers by offering several services. From buying ready products to personalizing them as their wants, online businesses are on the ball, scoring the full points in UX. Nowadays, customers want their own stamp on the products. Yes. Product personalization has emerged as one of the best practices in achieving business goals and meeting customer desires. That’s when your web store should have product customization options.

When your website is ingrained with product customization features, then a customer will be able to personalize the products the way they want. No matter whether it is t-shirts or mugs, phone cases or frames, banners or cushions, stickers or business cards, a customer can get it all personalized from your site using the product customization options.

If you are scrambling for the ideal product customization apps, then you should check out the Shopify app listed below. There are so many apps, but not every app is good. Therefore, we have covered a few handpicked Shopify customization apps that are loaded with several impressive and useful features such as responsive design, multi-language support, ease of customization, etc. especially developed for customizing products. So, what are you waiting for? Go through the below-listed points and meet your customer’s desires for product customizations in the best possible way. 

Product Customizer

Product_Customizer - Shopify App

When it comes to the most popular Shopify apps for product customization, then Product Customizer will always remain on top of the list. Because this app is super-easy to use and offers the best outstanding customer service, it is one of the top choices for the developers of online businesses. The best part about this app is that it offers the client unlimited personalization options for all the product items. Plus, adding text, images, checkboxes, dropdowns, radio buttons, file uploads, etc. also becomes easier with this app. 

Product Customizer also strengthens the customer support service, hence plays a major role in ShopStorm’s sales strategy. It helps in creating a friendly attitude with the customer support team. Besides these benefits, there are several features of Shopify Product Customizer for which it is known for-


1. It allows a customer to customize the product with the file upload fields, such as Canvas prints or photo retouching.
2. Allows combining several Shopify variants.
3. User-friendly and simple interface app with endless customization options.
4. Provide access to unlimited options for every product.
5. Prevent version-related confusion by managing all product customization in the best way.
6. Ease of adding a set of customizations to new products.

Product Builder – Shopify Product Customizer

Product Builder - Shopify App

If you are looking for an advanced product customization tool to raise the UX score, then Product Builder is undoubtedly one of the best Shopify apps. It allows a user to build their own custom products in a few easy steps. Although there are so many apps for product customizations, the thing which makes Product Builder different from others is allowing the users to create their own custom product. The Product Builder gives the user complete ease of customizing everything that you can’t even count on your fingers. Colours, fonts, text style, backgrounds, and a lot more if you have a good knowledge of CSS too. 

Product Builder offers several features. To know more, check out the below-listed points-


1. Conditional logic options can be applied to entire steps or even just the options within the step. For instance, Step 2 options can only be displayed after selecting Step 1.
2. Another feature of Product Builder is that besides standard 2D images, this app allows you to create 3D effects with the help of photographers. All such benefits are available at an affordable price.
3. Inventory tracking is also possible with this app. It offers plenty of choices for users at different steps. While creating such options in distinct steps, we recommend you link these options in your store with a product version. It will help you in tracking your inventory with great transparency.
4. The thing which attracts you a lot about this app is that it offers a massive customization feature. It is all up to the user how they want to change the basic settings of the app or customize the overall appearance of the builder.


Inkbay - Shopify Product Customization App

Inkybay is a powerful product design tool that has gained popularity in a short time. The reason behind this popularity is that the app provides complete ease to customers, creating their own products, including t-shirts, mugs, phone cases, frames, banners, cushions, stickers, business cards, etc. 

From the developer’s or Shopify merchant’s point of view, the Inkybay app helps in managing custom products, fonts, printing methods, pricing orders, etc. all the way from the admin panel. Hence, it is considered the best product customizer Shopify app. On the other hand, as per the customer’s view, customizing and adding the text in your favourite font style, uploading images files, or several customization elements has become a trouble-free task. It is also easy to install the app. 


1. Super easy to use
2. Easy to install. No manual function is required.
3. Built with HTML5 & advanced JS technology, which supports any device & browser.
4. Supports every printing method- Screen Print or DTG or Embroidery with smooth integration
5. Offer real-time product visualization to customers.
6. Offers a printable vector file in PNG or SVG
7. A mobile-friendly product design tool
8.Because of such features, the price of Inkybay is slightly higher compared to the rest. 

Customify – Product Customizer

Customify – Product Customizer

Customify is another most appreciated Shopify app on our list that is highly rated by the merchants. It supports a variety of designs for different products, including t-shirts, clothes, phone cases, mobiles, mugs, PCs bags, pillows, business cards, cups and bottles, and more products that a customer wants to customize by adding text, new font style, color & more. 

Besides the customization feature of the app, Customify is well-known for its translation functionality. If in case, customer wants to translate text into their languages, then they can do this with the help of the Customify app. 


1. Mobile & tablet responsive app
2. High rated app by the merchants
3. By default integration with Social media channels – Google+, Facebook, Twitter.
4. With the Customify app, one can define an editable area of the product image in the form of layers.
5. Acts as a perfect translation tool & also comes with a multi-language pack.
6. Supports custom image upload and editing.

Qstomizer – Products Customizations

Qstomizer - Product Customizer

This Shopify customization app is another ideal solution for any shop that provides the ease of customizing the products on the website. Qstomizer is quite popular among other apps, and this fame comes with a good reason. Qstomizer is the only app available on the Shopify App Store, which is completely responsive, and this is the actual reason behind its popularity. A responsive product builder like Qstomizer ensures high productivity and raises the interest of the customers. 

Nowadays, this app is widely used for customizing a wide range of products. It allows the customer to make their own designs and be creative, adding the text, images, clipart, and a lot more that can fulfill their desires. Just like Customify, this Qstomizer app also supports multiple languages and is considered the best translation tool to use. It also features the automatic language detection mode that also makes many merchants say yes to this app. The thing which Shopify merchants appreciate a lot about this app is automatic filters. Yes, it offers several automatic filters to the images uploaded by your customers. 


1. Qstomizer app also incorporates the feature of the Product Builder app, i.e., smooth integration of Qstomizer into the current design of your store.
2. Because of the automatic filters feature in this app, it saves a lot of time and effort.
3. Printing a customer’s design directly has become easier with this app.
4. It also provides the ease of adding automatic filters to the image uploaded by your clients.
5. This app allows the customer to upload images via Instagram or other social media channels without any manipulation.
6. Automatic language detection & multi-language functionality is another feature of the Qstomizer app that enhances the UX. It helps the customer in detecting and translating the app into the desired language, i.e., English, Italian, Portuguese, German, Spanish, or French.
7. Qstomizer is fully compatible with any modern browser. If we say clearly, then this app is mainly created to perform best with the latest technology such as CSS3 and HTML5.

Final Thoughts

Nowadays, customers want their personal touch on the things they are buying. Hence the online businesses also strive for product customization options that can meet the customer’s desires. This blog post has covered a complete list of top Shopify apps ideal for product customization. Customers highly appreciate all these apps, and we have very well described the reasons behind this fame. We hope that you find this blog helpful, knowing in brief about the popular Shopify apps for product customization. So, choose your Shopify app today to customize the sale process of your online business too. 

Are you looking for Custom Shopify Product Customizer App? While there are many Shopify paid apps for product customization they usually don’t meet customer needs. Our Shopify developers recently built a custom Shopify product builder app just using the Shopify backend. Contact us for more details.

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