When it comes to enhancing your website’s performance, the first thing that comes in mind is Extension. If you want a platform that can give your eCommerce store the extra functionalities, you can easily go for Magento Extensions without even thinking twice. This is because it is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms used to make online stores more powerful. Almost all famous brands such as Nike, Ford, etc. have their online stores built on Magento. Extensions have become a necessity these days and thus here are some best Magento extensions for you that eliminate looking here and there for your online store needs:


Elasticsearch - Magento Extension

Searching for something on a website can be burdensome if you do not find relevant stuff over it. Customers can get out of their minds when they search for something again and again and get only frustration in the result. Elasticsearch is the best solution to this problem. It not only increases the search results but also enhances the experience of the customers. This Extension can be used on both Magento 1 and 2. This makes it safe and easy to be used. You just need to install this Extension on your online store and enjoy customers’ reviews.

Pricing details:

You can purchase this Extension at the price of €120


1. Enhances Your Search Results
2. Increases The Relevance Of The Searches
3. Can Be Used On Both Magento 1 And Magento 2


1. Manage your index with ease
2. Boost your product attributes
3. Enjoy a powerful autocomplete

Google Tag Manager: 

Google Tag Manager (GTM) - Magento Extension

Magento extensions are useful tools for developers at Google. It is an extension that allows you to use some Google services like Google Adwords, Google Analytics, etc. it is also very easy and simple to be installed. You can use this Google Tag Manager extension to improve the performance of your website. It can also help you with remarketing and many more activities.

Pricing details:

You can easily avail of the service of this Extension at the price of $49


1. With this, you can other important Google services like Google Adwords and Google Analytics from one place
2. It is quick and easy to install
3. Helps in improving the performance of the website
4. It also helps in remarketing
5. User-friendly, web-based interface


LiveChat - Magento Extension

Providing a live chat facility on your Magento 2 can give a wonderful turn to your online business. Customers often look for a platform where they can share their queries and issues and get an instant solution to their problems. They do not like waiting much for the issues and want them resolved as soon as possible. LiveChat allows you to do a live chat with your customers and guide them regarding their queries. This not only helps you to maintain trust among customers but also increase loyalty among them. This Extension is completely free for the trial period and thus makes it easy to use.

Pricing details:

This Extension for Magento is available but at varied [prices. Also, a free trial offered.


1. Works amazingly for Magento 2 store
2. You can talk to your customers live
3. Increase the conversion rate
4. Increase customer loyalty
5. It is simple and easy to use

Full Page Cache: 

Customers do not like a website that takes too much time to get a load, and thus if you don’t want the same thing to happen with your website, it is required to take some steps to optimize the website. Caching is one of the finest ways to speed up your website. Full Page Cache extension makes it easy for you. Using this Extension, you can increase the experience of your customers by improving the speed of the website.

Pricing details:

The piece at which this Extension available is: $219


1. It helps in optimizing the website
2. Helps in improving the user experience
3. Helps your website index higher and rank better
4. It also contains a cache crawler

Special Promotions Pro: 

People usually boost up their sales via different techniques such as discounts, promotions, marketing campaigns, and many more. This always proves to be a good idea to attract customers and promoting a product. Special Promotions Pro extension is thus helpful in this situation. It allows you to build special discounts and promotional campaigns based on purchase history. This Extension makes the use of past details of the customers to generate discount offers and make the customers feel special.

Pricing details:

To get this Extension, you need to pay the price of $159


1. Helps in boosting up the sales
2. Enhance the chances of conversion
3. Increases the loyalty of the customer
4. It helps in building up special discounts and promotions based on purchasing history


1. Create highly targeted promotions
2. Save money giving discounts
3. Give discounts based on customers’ order history
4. Create rules based on customer attributes
5. Conditions based on order subselection
6. Use custom options in the conditions
7. Show discounts breakdown

Auto Currency Switcher: 

Auto Currency Switcher - Magento Extension

This Extension allows you to show the prices of the product to the customers in local currencies. This improves the shopping experience of the customers and makes it easy for them to analyze the prices of the product quickly. This Auto Currency Switcher extension makes use of the location by using IP addresses and replaces the product prices automatically. As a result, customers find online shopping reasonable and affordable and are thus able to make decisions easily and quickly.  

Pricing details:

This amazing Extension for Magento is available at the price of $69.99


1. Allows you to show product prices of your store in local currencies
2. The module detects users’ geo-location by their IP addresses
3. Customers can easily find the products


1. Increase Store Outreach
2. Reduce Cart Abandonments
3. Improve Shopping Experience


FAQ - Magento Extension

Having a “frequently asked questions” page on your website is the need of time nowadays. This is because customers often find a platform to ask their questions and get answers. Providing such facilities to your customers can make their shopping experience better. The FAQ extension allows you to create a FAQ page where you can answer all the queries of your customers easily. Also, you can add images, answer blocks, and widgets along with many other features using this Extension.


These are some of the best Magento extensions that can help you to take your online store up to the next level. It only requires installing the required extensions on your online website and improving the experience of the customers. With the help of these extensions, you can make huge differences among customers by providing them relevant searches and better results. It is one of the best ways to customize your online store to provide high-quality services to your customers. So if you want to grow your business successfully and thus looking for extensions, Magento extensions will surely help you to build your eCommerce business.

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