Nowadays, artificial intelligence applications have played an important role in the retail industry. It is primarily being used to perform discrete internal business processes like supply chain management, customer intelligence, and several others. Even most brands like Amazon, Apple, and others interact with the retail brands with the help of artificial intelligence. It can undoubtedly be stated that due to the enhancement of AI-powered tools and technologies, the retail industry is heading towards the new era. Additionally, with the help of artificial intelligence, it has become quite easier to step towards the global level as well. Currently, around 500 retail companies are adopting artificial intelligence so that they can easily handle the competition in the marketplace. There are some companies getting success with the help of voice commerce while on the other hand, some are also adopting other methods for getting the right position in the market. The other methods also include supply chain upgrades.

Artificial Intelligence in Magento eCommerce strategy

When it comes to the online world and e-commerce market, Magento E-Commerce has its own popularity. It is quite popular among retailers, and it is serving different industries just because of its amazing technology and cutting edge features. Additionally, it is one of the most scalable web platforms that have helped several businesses is two-step towards the digital world.

There is a huge scope of artificial intelligence in the Magento 2 platform. There are several features that have been associated with it, including the customer service to payments, advertisements, finalizing the future business strategies, and others. Apart from this, with the help of expert Magento developers, artificial intelligence applications for the Magento powered retail stores can easily get implemented anytime in any area.

In simple words, it can be stated that the E-Commerce setup is categorized into two phases, that is operation and consumption. Each and every stage has its own importance and roles that lead the business towards success. Here, we are going to discuss each phase in detail.

Operations, Artificial Intelligence Applications for the Magento Retailers

For the successful Magento eCommerce, business operations have proved to be one of the major factors to be considered. The business operations include four major terms that are marketing, order logistics, fulfillment & shipping, and Inventory Management. Once the Magento store is set up, then it is important to understand the need to prompt the orders and monitor them. Let’s take a look over some of the real-time cases where the applications for Magento have proved to be beneficial for you.

Automated Inventory Management

Whenever you are handling any large Magento eCommerce store, then it becomes quite challenging to manage the warehouse, monitor the inventory, and establish a smooth flow of products and items. With the involvement of conventional methods, it becomes quite costlier for the merchants to track all the operational processes is manual. And also the size of books increases gradually.

Along with storing and delivering the product, the inventory management also needs to be taken care of. The demand predictions, planning, and modeling of the products play an important role in inventory management. With the help of artificial intelligence solutions, it becomes easier for Magento sites to get massive support. No matter what is the size of inventory, artificial intelligence can easily provide the best use cases for the same.

Artificial Intelligence plays an important role in storing, analyzing, and providing the right information regarding the consumer behavior pattern. On the basis of consumer behavior patterns, it becomes easier to analyses their demand. Additionally, in regard to the user preference and product, the artificial intelligence easily competent more than 50 elements that are contributing towards successful stocking, planning, and scheduling of the delivery of the product. Apart from this, with the help of artificial intelligence, it becomes easier to automate the product restocking, and also it plays an important role in increasing the efficiency of delivering the product.


It will not be wrong to state that in every business, marketing or advertisement plays an important role either it is online or offline. Whenever it comes to e-commerce, artificial and automation helps in making personalized marketing and catboats possible. It helps a lot in reducing the complex working patterns, including analyzing, reading, and collecting user feedback.

Through artificial intelligence, it becomes quite easier to bring personalized marketing and advertising standards. Apart from this, with the help of artificial intelligence, the E-Commerce store owners can easily predict consumer behavior and can apply the best models so that the desired outcomes can be achieved. In order to achieve more accuracy in marketing, there is always a scope of building up the powered software for marketing optimization in Magento e-commerce.

Consumption, AI application for the users 

In the E-Commerce industry, every touchpoint where the user involvement and actions are expected by the retailers is directly integrated with the consumption end.

For example, whenever a visitor lands on the Magento store, then the web design and content offered by the E-Commerce store is actually a consumption element. Some of the major consumption areas where artificial intelligence use cases are highly beneficial for E-Commerce stores to include Product try-ons, customer assistance, shopping recommendations, product research, and others. Let’s take a look at each factor in detail.

Product try-ons

The online E-Commerce stores that use artificial intelligence are just like physical storefronts. The physical store friends also provide the facility to try on, and with the help of artificial intelligence, this facility gets integrated towards the online stores as well. Just like a showroom, the customers can easily choose any product and try it virtually in real-time. One of the best examples is Lenskart. Lenskart provides the customers with a facility that they can virtually try the lenses on their faces and can then choose the product according to their requirements.

Customer assistance

Customer assistance is always one of the major factors to be considered by almost every online retailer. In order to provide outstanding customer services on their websites, the online eCommerce store owners always give high competition to the retailers. Chatbots have proved to be a boon of artificial intelligence. With the help of the Chabot facility, it becomes easier for the E-Commerce store owners to provide the right assistance to the customers without having any communication caps. Apart from this, with the help of e-commerce AI Chabot applications, it becomes easier for the customers also to get the exact answers to their queries. With the help of application in the Magento eCommerce store, it has become easier to bring the hybrid customer service environment that can easily handle the entire task related to customer service. The best example regarding the same is the Amazon Chabot. It does not only chat with the user but also recommends the best product on the basis of their past shopping experience.

Shopping recommendations

Sometimes it happens that the consumers lose their interest in your website just after a few minutes. It especially happens if they do not get any relevant product according to their requirement or they do not get the product they like. Sometimes, the retailers try to bombard the customers with a lot of product recommendations that are relevant to their interest, and it helps them in choosing the right one according to their requirements. It has been found that personal recommendations have proved to get higher chances of customer retention as well as engaging us. Here, in order to bridge up the gap between the consumer and retailer, artificial intelligence played an important role.

Product research 

For your Magento store, product research by the visitor or any existing customer plays an important role. If any improvement gets done in this area, then it can directly lead to high benefits. With the help of artificial intelligence, you can easily build up your own visual recognition model that can help in addressing the needs of potential customers when they are available on your Magento store while searching out for the service of the product you are providing. Such artificial intelligence advancement is providing a high benefit to several giants like Google and Amazon as well. Along with the large Magento enterprises, the SME or startups can also easily adapt this methodology to enhance their growth. With the help of the visual product search on the Magento store, it can become easier to tag, organized, and search the products automatically just by simply utilizing the image of the video labeling feature.

Hence, finally, these are some of the artificial intelligence advancements available in the retail business that can easily work online and provide beneficial results. Apart from this, there is a lot more that is coming and will prove to be a boon for the digital world. All that we need to do is to keep an eye on the trends and adapt the changes accordingly.


Artificial intelligence has proved to be a boon for providing a new way towards advanced online retailing. As compared to the traditional analytics for driving the data in the retail industry, artificial intelligence-driven tools and software’s have proved to be super easy and smooth. By implementing artificial intelligence applications in real-time, the retail industry is immensely growing. Several retail giants like Amazon, Google, and others are highly leverage in artificial intelligence to work in their favor.

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