In the last decade, the world has taken some giant leaps towards the virtual conduct of businesses and operations. Given the availability of cheap hardware in the form of smartphones, peripheral devices, tablets, and laptops, and their ease of access in the developing economies of India and China, the two countries that constitute a majority of the world population, one has witnessed unprecedented success in custom mobile app development.

Ranging from On-Demand App to Developing to gaming, and from local to an offshore software development company, the emergence of mobile apps has changed the conduct of businesses worldwide, and for good.

To begin with, enterprises are now moving away from the local frontiers of mobile app development and seeking the services of an offshore software development company. Skepticism pertaining to the offshore mobile app development agencies is a thing of the past, as major enterprises in the US, the UK, and Europe are now seen closely aligning with vendors in Asia when it comes to custom mobile app development. This has added to the strengthening global trade, inculcated an agile working culture, and facilitated an immense knowledge transfer that has benefitted players on both sides of the ocean.

Adding to the efficiency of operations, mobile apps for business have narrowed the time frame for virtual operations. From renting a hotel to booking a cab, and from ordering a meal to having an attire ordered, users can now avail multiple services through mobile apps without having to hustle through multiple points of contact or any other complexities. A virtual setup also enables companies to do more in terms of products, services, and other offerings. The banking sector has gained massively from this shift towards mobile apps as users are now saved the trouble of physically visiting the banks. Transactions, sales, EMIs, and everything else pertaining to one’s bank account has been reduced to a mobile app, much to the delight of both, the bankers and the customers.

Automation coupled with custom mobile app development has assisted the improvement and enhancement of virtual services. Unlike before, customer grievances are being addressed at the stroke of a single request. The intricate bureaucratic setup that plagued the customer service of many organizations has been done away with. Replacing them are automated messengers or Chatbots as we now know them. Bringing down the cost of customer support for companies, it has helped them focus on user service better, thus adding to the overall efficiency of the business.

With On-Demand App Development and the success of any Uber-like App, enterprises realized how well it paid for a mobile app to have a global presence. Clearly, marketing a virtual product is far easier than physical ones when it’s about moving beyond the local audience. Uber, riding high on its success, is now looking to attain global domination in On-Demand Taxi operations by collaborating with leading players in India, China, and parts of South-East Asia. Similarly, the likes of Airbnb are tying up with local governments on various fronts to impart international travelers with an impeccable experience. Turns out, the market is not only adapting itself to the presence of mobile apps but also utilizing it to grow and expand. A win-win situation for all, indeed.

However, what does the next decade hold for custom mobile app development, enterprise mobility solutions, and the On-Demand Economy?

While many hope for businesses to clock unprecedented growth numbers, one can’t entirely rule out the impact of automation at the service and manufacturing end and the slowdown it might cause. Apparently, much like the IT Revolution, Automation is also expected to churn out unforeseen growth opportunities which could be instrumental in mobile app development and On-Demand economy in the forthcoming decade.

Until then, companies have a lot to improve within, to learn from, and to engage with, when it comes to being in the realm of mobile apps for business.

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