No wonder that the online shopping and e-commerce industry is growing at a rapid rate. According to Statistica 2018, it is estimated that 1.8 billion people worldwide make online purchases, whereas global e-retails sales are recorded to be $2.8 trillion. Another statistic enough to blow you away is that the global e-retail sales will grow up to $4.8 trillion by 2021, pointing towards the impressive growth of the e-commerce industry in the future. 

The above statistics clearly show that these days, the e-commerce industry has reached another level. In simple words, the web place has turned into a place of online merchants. So, there is no surprise that there is high competition in the online marketplace. And to swim in this sea of competition, your website should be influential in different aspects, and one of them is e-commerce web designs. 

The design of your website is vital as it is something that makes all the difference in your business success. Even a small “free delivery icon” can be a deciding factor for a client or a customer to make a purchase from your site or not. Therefore, we are here with this blog listing the web design tips you should implement for your profitable online business. 

Strap in! We’re about to tell you a secret related to e-commerce web design tips that will help you to take your online shop to the next level. 

Simple is Fine

When it comes to e-commerce web design, then the foremost rule is to keep it simple. Yes. Simple is fine. The more the website looks simple, the more it is comprehensible. A site flooded with more elements will appear messy, and visitors won’t find it good enough to shop for their desired products or services. You don’t need to add a ton of elements to your e-commerce site. Keep the overall design of your site clean, clear, and simple! This is it. It’s the basic mantra to make your site look attractive enough to bring more and more online shoppers.

Show Your Categories at the Top of the Page 

Presenting your category at the page top is another web design tip on our list. By doing this, you can make your site user-friendly. If we say clearly, then users hate intense searching for their desired information. They always prefer the content to be displayed in just front so that they can continue shopping on an e-commerce site. Therefore, we would recommend you to place the important content in the front and center of your page as it catches the user’s attention at once. For instance, you own a bakery website. So, you should place your categories of cookies, cupcakes, bread, sweets, cakes, or anything you offer, at the top of the page, so that user can find their desired product with no trouble. 

Replace Your Images with GIFs

There is nothing wrong with trying something new to your site to grab the user’s eyeballs at once. No doubt, e-commerce websites hold so many images. In case you offer the same product in multiple colors, you can give them a little twist of GIFs. It’s a great way to show off your range of products or services on your website. This file type has the power to make a website more engaging for online shoppers. If you are looking for new and exciting ways to make your website stand out in the crowd, then prefer adding GIFs. It will add a touch of life to your images but, do not overuse this feature. 

Showcase What’s New You Offer

It is one of the best web design tips that every e-commerce site owner should consider. If you offer something that gives you that competitive edge, then you shouldn’t hide it. It’s your strength. It also helps you to let the internet users know what’s new you have in your e-commerce store. We encourage you to display your strength on your home page. This practice from your side will do the trick and hence, make users realize how you are different from others as well. Whether it’s a free delivery service or a new product range, showcase it all on your site to make a great impact on the internet user.  

Add a View Cart Icon

You may have seen a small cart icon on several pages of the e-commerce websites. It allows the user to view the items that they have added into their cart. This feature is something that you should never forget to add to your site. While adding the view cart option on your site, make sure the icon should appear like a shopping cart or a shopping bag. Because there are so many icons on the website, finding the view cart option can be a little difficult. Therefore, we recommend making it stand out using bright colors. Make sure you place it at the top of the website that can be easily grabbed by the user’s eyeballs. 

Create a Detailed Menu

Adding a menu to the website is an essential e-commerce web design factor that every online business owner or web designer should never miss or overlook. It should appear on every single page of the site so that a user can get access to any category without any trouble. Scrolling to different pages one by one eats a lot of time, whereas a detailed menu helps the user to navigate to any page or category further and further. It overall improves the scrolling experience of users. Keep in mind that you should always organize each page of the website on your menu in a logical order. 

Use High-Quality Images

Never underestimate the importance of quality website images. A recent case study showed adding HD images to websites boost the conversion rate by over 40 percent. So, having professional, HD quality, colorful, & perfect size images on the website is a must. They add more points to overall web design. Prefer creating photo galleries for each product so that users can view it from multiple angles. In addition to high-quality photo galleries, you can further use such images to answer a lot of customer questions. One should 

1. Include product images from all angles.
2. Include actual (real) photos of the product in use.
3. Include quality photos of each product variation.

The most popular feature of the popup box works incredibly well in enhancing the UX. It allows the user to zoom in on a particular image and check out its fine details. By adding this feature, a user can see the product intricately before making a purchase. 

Final Thoughts- Wrapping Things Up

Designing a perfect e-commerce website can be a little tricky, but if you consider a few tips and implement it accurately, then there is a high chance that you’ll land up with a great website with both user and owner’s perspective. Now you have a complete list of e-commerce web design tips to take your business to the next level and enhance the user experience. So, what are you waiting for? Start your web design journey today, and achieve your online business goals! 

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