By working with either a local or an offshore software development company, businesses have now been able to attain a significant virtual presence through mobile apps for Smartphones. While some have opted for exclusivity by having Native applications for different platforms, Android and iOS in most cases, some have opted for the Hybrid mobile app development process to cater to the need of having a mobile app.

Custom Mobile App Development isn’t merely about giving one’s business a virtual presence on Android and iOS platforms, but also about helping the prospects of the business. For instance, having a mobile app helps you reach out to a greater number of users. Clearly, even today, a greater number of countries in the developing continents of Asia and Africa are constrained by weak internet infrastructure, and thus, having a low bandwidth app to work on Smartphones add to the prospects of increasing the clientele.

Interestingly, giant corporate entities like Facebook and Google have begun backing mobile apps, especially Uber-like apps, for On-Demand app development has ushered new trends and audience in this business. Not letting the buck stop there, let’s take a look at the business avenues benefiting by the presence of custom mobile app development prospects.

  1. Education: Cost-effective hardware solutions have engulfed the market, thanks to the investments made by companies in China. While iOS isn’t affordable for all, Android has been able to garner a huge user base owing to the cheaper prices. Thus, organizations have found it profitable to invest in educational apps, offering e-books, online courses, video tutorials, and a lot more. Universities like Harvard and Stanford are already helping users with certification courses, each available on apps for peripheral devices.
  2. Entertainment/Streaming Services: With the advent of custom mobile app development complemented by personalized user experience, entertainment and streaming services have found it profitable to invest in mobile app development. With users looking to have a greater number of entertainment options on-the-go, it has helped these businesses make more money through their mobile apps.
  3. Pharmaceutical Industry: While medicine delivery has been inculcated to mobile app development, some apps like ‘Practo’ have gone ahead an extra mile to offer medical consultation options through their apps. Helping the audience access medical facilities remotely, the pharmaceutical industry is using innovating ways to target its market. This has also facilitated revenue generation through in-app purchases.
  4. Tourism/Travel Bookings: Flights, trains, buses, hotels, resorts, or a trekking trip, there is nothing you cannot avail via a mobile app. Collaborating with other players in the industry, mobile apps in the realm of tourism and travel bookings have been able to create a loyal user base by offering discounts and other promotional bonuses to their users, thus helping their growth prospects.
  5. Logistics Industry: The e-commerce industry has been supplemented with an equally effective logistics industry, with the latter finding significant mobile presence on Android and iOS. While the likes of Amazon have their own delivery services in play, many local e-commerce vendors have to depend on third-party logistics. These mobile apps offer options related to tracking, ETA, and delivery schedules, thus helping users in more than one way.
  6. Manufacturing and Retail: This aspect of mobile app development is more internal than user-based. However, it is helping numerous organizations scale their operations efficiently as they can monitor their manufacturing and retail deliveries. Alongside, numerous businesses with different units are now looking to have mobile apps to collaborate stakeholders to ensure enhancement in their overall working process.
  7. Banking Industry: It won’t be overstating to say that custom mobile app development has changed banking for good. Eliminating the need for one to go the bank in order to withdraw or transfer money, the mobile apps, along with mobile wallets, are changing the structure of banking altogether. Alongside, most of these banking apps use automation in order to personalize the user experience, adding to their effectiveness.
  8. Food Delivery: Personally, I can’t remember the last time when I dialed an eatery to place an order. With multiple food delivery apps in play, some local and some on a global level, the industry is witnessing rapid changes in the way it conducts business, thanks to custom mobile app development. Alongside, entities running these apps are collaborating with delivery services to impart impeccable services to the users.

Certainly, the list is endless. The transportation industry, which started the culture of mobile apps through on-demand app development is already venturing into Artificial Intelligence, and for corporate giants investing heavily in Uber-like apps along with other mobile apps, the sky is the limit.

Eventually, it all comes down to how a business wishes to reach out to its users. With Smartphones becoming a way of life for the world population, custom mobile app development, surely, is the fastest way to acquainting one’s business with the audience and retaining their loyalty through impeccable services.

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