1. Brand Value: In the ongoing decade, do you remember working, collaborating, or availing the services of a company which did not have a website? Apparently, having a website has been indispensable to a business in the recent years. However, with smartphones attaining accessibility across the globe and the success of Uber-like apps, enterprises are now finding it difficult to deny the importance of having a mobile app as it adds significantly to their brand value.


2. User Experience: Both platforms, iOS and Android, witness more app uninstalls than installs, and the fate of any app boils down to the user experience they offer. With custom mobile app development helping enterprises move their operations to a mobile app with ease, it has become possible for business groups to offer an impeccable user experience. Imagine a business helping users order food or cabs, or an Uber-like app looking to attain local recognition, without an ideal user experience. Will it ever work?

3. Marketing: Before the onset of Uber, the Yellow Taxis in the US Cities were faring well, and yet, not many across the world knew much about their operations. As Uber attained a solid customer base, the Yellow Taxi Services were reduced to nothingness. This can be attributed to the virtual marketing practices adopted by Uber and companies offering on-demand utility services. Mobile Apps not only facilitate the growth of the brand, but also help the marketing prospects of one’s business. Eventually, better marketing amounts to greater revenues.

4. Customer Loyalty: On-Demand App Development assisted the emergence of utility services. From food delivery to home services, and from salons to car repairs, one can find anything and everything online. Alongside, businesses using mobile apps are now offering various schemes, offers, and promotional discounts to their users, thus ensuring customer loyalty and retention. This enables a business to invest more in its mobile app through custom mobile app development, and also helps the revenue prospects for a sustained run.

5. Customer Feedback: Last, but not the least, having a local or an offshore software development company curate your mobile app gives you the freedom to garner customer feedback periodically. You can consult with your users and have their feedback about operations, design, bugs, or anything in particular. Not only this forms a positive impression on the part of your users, it also helps you improve your mobile app. Zomato, one of the leading Uber-like app in food delivery has been known to garner user feedback, and the result of it is evident in their unparalleled success.

Does moving one’s business to a mobile app guarantee success? No. Turns out, it takes more for your business to be successful than merely having a mobile app. To begin with, you can consult with any local or offshore software development company and understand the market trends, customer aspirations and expectations, and how to sync them with your business growth. If you are looking to build an Uber-like app, hiring a custom mobile app development team can further your business cause.

For businesses with a non-technical background, a mobile app might sound like a tedious exercise. However, if done well in terms of user functionality, design, and digital experience, the same mobile app can help their business attain endless success and unprecedented growth opportunities.

The availability of cost-effective hardware solutions has facilitated the growth of custom mobile app development in the recent years. Since 2009, many enterprises and startups have chosen mobile apps as their frontier to conduct business and reach out to potential clientele across the globe.

Most of these enterprises opt for an offshore software development company to have their app developed, customized, tested, and eventually marketed. However, many businesses, most of them conventional in their practices and elder in their existence, have been skeptical about having a mobile app.

Lately, many conventional corporate setups have realized their mistake and are now seen collaborating with brands like Uber and Airbnb to establish a virtual presence.

Thus, one wonders why and how a business gains by moving their operations to a mobile app.

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