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Technical SEO is a sure-shot way to enhance your online presence and drive revenue effectively. In more specific terms, technical SEO ensures that your website aligns with search engine guidelines for easy crawling and indexing, which enhances the bounce rate and website traffic and attracts more business customers.

Technical SEO Agencies like Webomaze achieve this by conducting a Technical SEO Audit of the websites to assess the current SEO and determine which technical aspects need improvement for a seamless user experience. Let’s see how we do it for you.

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    Technical SEO Audit

    We conduct a thorough SEO technical audit to pinpoint and resolve any technical issues on your website. Our audit examines critical factors such as mobile performance, internal linking, page loading speed, XML sitemap, indexation status, crawl errors, robots.txt, and overall site architecture. By analyzing the insights from this audit, we craft short-term fixes and long-term strategies to enhance your website’s user experience and boost your rankings on Google search engine.

    Competitor Analysis

    With our comprehensive analysis, you can gain valuable insights into your competitors’ optimization strategies and uncover potential conversion opportunities. Our technical SEO consultant thoroughly examines your competitors’ keyword performance, Google search engine rankings, social media engagement, and technical and backlink profile. Leveraging this information, we develop tailored strategies to give you a competitive edge in your niche market.

    Meta Data Analysis

    Optimizing your meta tags accurately represents your web page content to users and search engines, enhancing your online presence and attracting more visitors. Webomaze specializes in technical SEO for WordPress, analyzing and optimizing crucial elements such as meta descriptions, title tags, meta keywords, alt attributes, and robot tags and ensuring the proper utilization of metadata safeguards your SEO performance from potential pitfalls.

    Image Optimization

    Optimize your eCommerce site’s performance by tackling slow-loading images. Our technical SEO specialists use strategies like file format selection, alt attribute optimization, file size reduction, image sitemaps, and image optimization plugins. By improving load speed, we enhance user experience and attract more customers, boosting overall site website performance.

    Speed Optimization

    Page speed is crucial for SEO ranking and user experience. Our technical search engine optimization specialists employ several strategies to optimize your website’s speed. These include file compression, code optimization, reducing redirects, browser caching, leveraging CDNs, and improving server response time. Focusing on these areas enhances your site’s performance and ensures a better online experience for your customers.

    Structured Data Markup

    Improve search engine visibility and enhance content display with schema markup. Our process involves identifying page elements, assigning relevant data tags, creating HTML, and implementing schema markup. We meticulously test the markup using Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool to ensure accuracy and diagnose potential issues. Use of schema markup makes it easier for search engine crawlers to interpret, and showcase your content effectively.

    Keyword Research

    Keyword research is essential for your digital marketing strategy. Our SEO specialists analyze industry trends and consumer behavior to identify high-performing search terms. We optimize your website with relevant keywords through technical SEO audits to improve rankings, and attract targeted traffic.

    Backlink Analysis

    Understand your website’s authority and search ranking potential with our technical SEO services. We analyze backlinks, ensuring they come from reputable sites. We enhance your website’s credibility and search visibility by assessing domain authority and social share impact.

    Penalty Recovery

    We utilize Google Search Console for comprehensive diagnostics to address Google penalties effectively. Our process involves identifying penalty types, assessing backlink strategies, resolving content inconsistencies, and meticulously verifying redirects. We aim to facilitate a successful recovery and restore your website’s performance by conducting thorough analyses and implementing strategic solutions.

    Website Migration

    For a smooth website migration without losing traffic, we follow an SEO-friendly plan: benchmark analytics, map old URLs to the new domain, update internal or broken links, remove duplicate content, manage 404 pages, and monitor traffic and rankings.

    Elevate Your Online Presence: Achieve Success with Expert Technical SEO Agency

    Technical Audit

    At Webomaze, we conduct thorough SEO technical audits to pinpoint and resolve any technical issues on your website. Our audit covers essential checkpoints such as mobile performance, internal link structure, page speed, XML sitemap, indexation, crawl errors, robots.txt, and site architecture. By analyzing analytics results, we devise both short- and long-term solutions to enhance your visitors’ website experience and boost your Google rankings

    Technical SEO Specialists

    Webomaze, a leading technical SEO company in the United States, boasts a team of Google-certified specialists. From assessment to completion, we handle your project with expertise. Our approach involves identifying, planning, and executing data-driven technical SEO recommendations. We stay abreast of industry trends to ensure our services consistently deliver results.

    Analytics and Reporting

    Stay informed about your SEO campaigns performance and online activities with our comprehensive approach. We use analytics to gather actionable insights and achieve your goals. Plus, we offer regular consultations, email updates, and monthly reports, ensuring you know your marketing strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities.

    Goal-Oriented Web Strategies Search Engines Optimization Strategies

    In our initial consultation, we assess your current SEO campaign status, marketing objectives, and expectations to ensure our technical SEO tactics align with your goals. Additionally, our team utilizes various distribution methods to enhance site leads and traffic.

    Technical SEO and Mobile Friendliness

    According to the latest estimates, there are more than 4 billion smartphone users worldwide. A significant part of website traffic comes through smartphones, so a technically optimized, mobile-friendly website is crucial. At Webomaze, we tackle technical issues and enhance your site for mobile users, elevating the user experience and search engine visibility.

    On-Page and Off Page SEO Services

    In today’s SEO landscape, a blend of on-page and off-page optimization is paramount for site quality and visibility. We optimize each page meticulously around its main keyword, ensuring content alignment with search engine guidelines. Additionally, our strategy extends to building site authority through EAT principles, social media engagement, strategic link acquisition, managing external profiles, driving meaningful traffic, and enhancing visibility in organic search results.

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