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A web-based system which monitors pharmaceutical communications from various sources and provides business analytics data to understand competitor positioning and predict competitor and market trends. This system systematically tracks and analyze all types of promotional material from a wide variety of sources and channels and transform that data into actionable intelligence.

Twitter Bootstrap, Angular JS, .NET MVC Framework 4.5, Elastic Search, Microsoft SQL Server Standard Edition

Webomaze is a great company to work with on database and web projects, whether it comes to the back end or front end. High quality of work is expected, but Webomaze delivers on time and on budget, which is not always the reality in this industry. They offer good communication and excellent project management. They are well versed in the latest technologies and if you have not thought of a thing or two, they will come back with recommendations. We have now worked with Webomaze for several years and are always impressed.

Daniel Vesely, President & COO, Voxx Analytics

Project Specification

Speed & Cost

Earlier average page load time was 2 minutes, now reduced to under 2 seconds. Reduced hosting & maintenance cost by 90% using AWS Cloud Platform.

Reliability & Scalability

With AWS and tight integrity constraints at the database level, this system offers 100% reliability. Highly scalable database design and modular system architecture, ready to meet future business demands.

Audit Log

Each activity performed by managerial users is logged for audit purposes, making it easier to pinpoint blunders committed by the operators.

Other Features

· Implemented Elastic Search for fast search results.
· Role-based deep feature authentication and authorization
· A highly scalable modular solution

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